From diligent keyword planning to exceptional social advertising, our dedicated pay-per-click team drive high quality traffic to your site at the lowest cost possible.

What Our PPC Agency Can Do For You

Rule the search space with PPC management that wins. Our paid specialists expertly identify a strategy fit for champions to secure the best return on investment imaginable. Instant and measurable, NBE Digital’s PPC campaigns guarantee exposure to the right demographics.

Rewarding Research

Getting to know your audience and their online habits is all part of our refined technique. It’s what helps us target powerful, cost-effective keywords for optimal performance. We put ourselves in your customer’s shoes and create a campaign that resonates with their wants and needs.

Search Ads

It pays to be at the top of search engines. We help you define a clear search advertising budget before working on the keywords that will get your website noticed in seconds. From there, our devoted team craft effective landing pages that smash your business goals.

Social Media Advertising

Stopping serial scrollers with an advert they can’t resist tapping is a talent of ours. We take your demographic’s interests and build bespoke, targeted ad sets that get results. Collaborating with our content writers and designers, we curate stunning advertisements bursting with compelling copy across a range of platforms.

Display Advertising

Using Google’s Display Network, we craft eye-catching advertisements that travel far. Our experienced PPC maestros target users whilst they’re browsing the web, achieving valuable conversions with remarkable designs and irresistable call-to-actions.


Searchers explore your website for one reason: you’ve answered their query with valuable content. So if they don’t convert the first time round, you can bet that they’ll come back for another look at your products or services. We target your regulars and give them a little more encouragement to make the commitment this time round.

Fine Tuning

We don’t just leave our ads running in the background. Our paid search managers always keep a close eye on each keyword and evaluate their progress. If a campaign isn’t performing, they’ll be sure to switch up the technique for instant results.

What’s Next?

You want results today. We can send the right traffic in your direction with PPC campaigns that don’t cost the earth.

PPC Audit: Taking a look at your current strategy, our PPC professionals pinpoint where you might be going wrong in order to formulate a winning solution.

Reporting: Once you’ve come onboard, we’ll send over a detailed, jargon-free report each month so you know exactly where your money is going.

We want to see your results soar. Get in touch today to benefit from our powerful pay-per-click services.

Let’s set things in motion.

Now that you know our formula, feel free to pop in for a digital consultation to discuss your options. We’ll work together to form a marketing plan that meets your budget and expectations, outlining everything from timescales to delivery.